plasma pong

03.03.2006 von Toadward

Eine Pong Variante … seht selbst :)
plasma pong
Mehr Screenshots sowie den Link zum Download gibt es unter Plasma Pong

Plasma Pong is a variant of the popular PONG game, with a high tech twist – it uses computational fluid dynamics to drive the environment. As the game starts you will have to duke it out against the opposing paddle, using the fluid as your weapon. To do this you can shoot plasma out of the paddle to push the fluid around, which in turn pushes the ball around. Another weapon at your disposal is the ability to suction fluid back into your paddle.
By doing this, possession of the ball can be controlled by the player. Once the ball is fully sucked into the paddle you can blast the ball across to the opposing player’s side. After scoring against the opponent, you will “Level Up” and the game mechanics will become harder. The ball will be more reactive to the fluid, making it much more unpredictable.

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